• Dual Action product
  • Improves the surface finish of your product
  • Localised and selective wall thickness control
  • Acts as mild release agent
  • Keeps the mould much cleaner

Protolitte® Spray
Protolitte® Spray is a non-volatile carrier solution which enables you to control the wall thicknesses of your mouldings as well as protecting your moulds. It works on the same principle as Protolitte® paste but the spray version allows you to cover a larger area. Like any other aerosol it must be used with care but, thanks to its non-volatile based formulation, it is much safer to use for operators and the environment. 

  • ​Protolitte® original for pin-hole free surface
  • Protoltte® Orange for threads and difficult areas
  • No post moulding white marks on your products or surrounding area
  • Most effective product for XLPE
  • Heat acceleration action allows lower temperature cooking of XLPE and subsequently less pock marks on the mouldings.  
  • Safer than other sprays to use
  • Protects your mould against porosity
  • Its fluid and oily carrier stays mobile throughout moulding, hence filling all the tight areas
  • 30% higher coverage rate than similar products in the market


Protolitte ® is an exciting new concept which for the first time enables rotomoulders to perform precision moulding in rotational moulding. As any experienced Rotomoulder will tell you, it is all about heat transfer in our process. PROTOLITTE®  is an exclusive brand of C4 Polymers Ltd.

This is the first heat accelerator available to rotomoulders , which acts both as a flow Promoter and a surface improving media.  
Control the heat locally and we can control many outcomes of our process. By its dual actions of heat acceleration and mould protection Protolitte ® is the perfect tool for controlling wall thickness of moulded parts.
It is important to note Protolitte ®  it doesn’t act as a lubricant as is the case with many other products in the market. Protolitte® started as a paste and is now also supplied in spray format. 




Benefits of Protolitte ® paste:

- It can be applied easily and precisely to the desired areas

- Zero wastage - Mould protection against agents such as Peroxide in XLPE(Aluminium tools)

- Safe to use (non-Hazardous)

- Safe to store

- Safe to transport

- Larger coverage rate in comparison to sprays