Stamp It

Multi-colour products are now possible for Roto-moulded PE products

We colour match to any RAL,

or Pantone

Brush it

Brush it

Roll it

Free hand painting on a Kayak


If you thought printing on PE or PP was impossible, costly or even time consuming then think again. We can show you how to print, permanently, on flat or curvy surfaces either ante or post moulding in a matter of seconds. Our range of PEiNK® solutions are very cost effective and have practically no set up costs. We can colour match to any RAL or Panton code. PEiNK® formulations are based on the highest quality pigments and are fully UV stabilized. 

Methods of application:

- Stamp it

- Silk Screen it

- Stencil it

- Roller paint it

- Brush it

PEiNK® is formulated and produced in England for C4Polymers Ltd. Some examples of these unique products are found in the gallery section of our site.