In 2014 C4 Polymers Ltd reached an agreement with GEPOC Polymerchemie GmbH to distribute their surface improver product. Exceptionally versatile and economically competitive.
There are two products in this family: SE and SP

GEPOFLEX SE (silicon-free)

GEPOFLEX SE is a surface and flow improver for plastics and rubber (mixtures)

• Lubricates and separates
• Produces lubricating
• Improves the surface quality
• High temperature resistance
• Increases the flow ability

Application areas
GEPOFLEX SE improves the surface quality of moulded parts.
Particularly GEPOFLEX SE working in PE, PP, XPE and rubber and rubber compounds.
GEPOFLEX SE improves the flow behaviour of the material in the mould and prevents sticking in the mould.
In addition, produced GEPOFLEX SE a slide and release film for easy removal of parts.

GEPOFLEX SP (Silicon based)

GEPOFLEX SP is a fat-free protection, lubricants, release agents and maintenance products, plastics, wood,
rubber and metals.

• Lubricates spotless and invisible
• Clean, non-resin forming lubricating
• Good finish
• High temperature resistance
• Protects against oxidation and corrosion
• Good electrical resistance
• Water-resistant and antistatic

Application areas
GEPOFLEX SP has a very wide range of applications due to its properties. In
paper and wood processing, it prevents the development of adhesive residue in presses and
guides. Treatment of cut strips, edges and tools ensures an
easy, clean cut. In the field of conveying technology, the adhesion of goods to
conveyor belts, chutes, slides and chutes is prevented. GEPOFLEX SP isolates, protects and
cares with good slip properties of plastic, rubber and metal parts..