Orenda Automation Technologies Inc. has been in the size-reduction business since 1996. Orenda designs, engineers, manufactures and services pulverizing/micronizing systems. Orenda pulverizing/micronizing equipment has a longstanding track record for producing consistently high-quality plastic powders for rotomoulding, compounding, mixing, recycling, and other processes. Orenda's pulverizers/micronizers reduce the size of polyethylene, PVC, Nylon, PET, PP, UHMW and more.     http://www.orenda-pulverizers.com/

With the recent acquisition of a 2000 square meter facility, strategically located in northern Greece, Orenda is able to service its customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with the type of service they demand; fast turnaround times, precision sharpening, and competitive pricing.

The new state of the art facility was designed and built to provide its customers with the same level of service provided by the North American operation for the last 18 years. With pride and unwavering standards, Orenda continues to serve the industry by providing cutting edge technology, exceptional work quality, and customer care.

C4Polymers Ltd and Orenda Automation Technologies Inc. (Ontario, Canada) signed a partnership-representative agreement in mid  2014...that agreement has recently been extended and C4 Polymers Ltd now manage all Orenda automation related to Rotational Moulding in Europe.


 In October 2014 Orenda proudly revealed a breakthrough development in the field of size reduction. This innovation represents the biggest advancement in the pulverizing industry in recent decades. The engineers at Orenda have branded this new technology: AirForce®. This patented revolutionary technology eliminates the use of water, dramatically improves production rates, reduces energy consumption and lowers maintenance requirements and costs.