C4 Polymers believes in creating solutions which make a difference to the everyday lives of our clients. Taking complex problems and simplifying them is our approach. With many years of experience in the plastic industry, we are here to listen to you. Often there is a tried solution to most problems and our experience may help you to solve some of yours problems. By networking and sharing of our collective experiences, we all can benefit. We have launched some a range of new products, which we have designed specifically for the rotational moulding industry specifically. These are really exciting products which address some of the challenges within our industry. In doing so we had ease of use and cost effectiveness  in the our forefront of our thinking. We have teamed up with some of the most innovative companies in the field as well as scientific institutes to bring you some real problem solving products. Products which will help you to achieve higher quality of products as well as saving you money by reducing rejects within your production program. In the world of polymers we know the potential of our raw materials in comparison to other material too well, but to realise their potentials to its full it would takes some innovations and forward thinking. Together and with some outward open thinking we can achieve this task.

Farzan Ramezani


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