Associated companies

Forging ahead to service the rotomoulding industry, C4 Polymers aim to be a one stop solution for most rotomoulders requirements.

            An innovative company in the field of printing on various substrates. Working with Lysis technologies has enabled us to work on tailor-made solutions for colouring and decorating PE parts.

            Mill manufacturers since 1996, Airforce has been the most innovative hardware brought into our industry in last 20 years. 


           Specialised in testing and development of new materialsfor the plastics industry. Working with some of the most scientifically competent personnel at P4 Tech has given us a deep insight into understanding some of the most elusive materials in rotomoulding. 


           Master batch producers and ancillary makers for the plastics industry. Geoflex has provided the industry with a much needed economical solution for surface finishing of PE parts.